Moonstruck Cheese Sales:

    Thanks for ordering from Moonstruck Cheese. Here are the nuts and bolts.

    Payment is taken (usually by Paypal) when you order. If, for some reason, you don't want to use Paypal, you must contact us directly by email through or telephone (250.537.4987) and we will take payment by other means. You will receive a delivery confirmation by email. Check with us if you do not, your order may not have gone through.

    If you are ordering for gifts as well as yourself, please make a separate order for each address.

    There are 2 shipping zones Zone 1 (British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba) and Zone 2 (everywhere else in the country). We do not ship out of country. Please select the appropriate zone for your order's shipping address. Make sure the address is complete. Find an alternative to a post office box address. The cheese is cold-shipped, but there is a limit to its lifespan outside of refrigeration. If no one is home during the day, we recommend that you use an alternate address such as a work address so that the delivery can be completed promptly.

    We strongly recommend notifying gift recipients in advance. There is great sadness in receiving a box of spoiled cheese.

    We generally ship on Monday for receipt during the week. truc

    Losses as a result of damage or deterioration pass to you upon delivery so please contact us immediately if you note any problems. We do not take responsibility for boxes that cannot be delivered because no one is home, for boxes placed under Christmas trees, incorrect addresses, unopened parcels, deliveries delayed by bad weather or events beyond our control (strikes, vehicle breakdowns and the like).

    You may cancel your order without penalty with seven day's notice of delivery date.

    Privacy issues are important to all of us. We do not retain credit card information, and we never sell or share any information about you.

    We'd like to hear from you about these Terms and Conditions if anything is unclear or you have a special request. Please email us at or contact Julia Grace directly at or by telephone at 250.537-4987 or by mail at 1306 Beddis Road, Salt Spring, British Columbia, V8K 2C9.

    We hope you enjoy the cheese!

    Julia and Susan Grace

    Beautiful Cows
    Delicious Cheese!